Youth Dialogues

Are you interested in leading a local or national dialogue in your country?

For the development of dialogues at local or national level, the local partner must first send his proposal to the YABT to jointly evaluate the conditions / terms. At this stage it is very important to make approaches with other key actors for the initiative, defining their specific roles. Then, the local partner with the support of YABT makes the announcement.

To this end, YABT provides technical and methodological support tools, provides guidance and dissemination. For more information contact us via email:


Tips for developing a local or national dialogue:

- The dialogue can be on-site or virtual. You must take into account the distance between cities or Internet access in each case. Also, consider what type of dialogue is more convenient in terms of the announcement; a greater amount of voices will lead to a more inclusive and representative Final Report to be included in the official process of the Young Americas Forum.

- Local partners must be in charge of lead the development of the Dialogue as well as the implementation of working tables according to the themes of youth priorities. Subsequently, provide the results of the worktables, photographs, list of participants, and every possible additional resource.

- In the case of a national dialogue, it must be coordinated closely with the YABT because all the conclusions of the local or universities Dialogues must be organized, providing only one National Report with inputs collected from different activities. Take into account the coordination with other local partners also involved in this national process. The document length cannot exceed five pages, following the standardized format provided by the YABT.