Entrepreneur of the Month
Yunus & Youth

How can I get involved?

As a business owner: you can contact YABT directly or through your national OAS office in order to participate in training programs or to find out about other opportunities.

As a business: including young entrepreneurs as part of your supply chain, as well as supporting them through mentorship, training, sponsorship or investment. Also, you can partner with the YABT and sponsor our entrepreneurship programs for youth in your community or organization.

As local or national government: prioritizing youth and entrepreneurship; creating new opportunities for young people in business development. Also, you can partner with the YABT in order to create a local or a national ecosystem where young people can participate in entrepreneurial activities and initiatives.

As a sponsor: financing YABT projects that aim to develop and implement programs and activities that support and encourage skills-building for youth, thus creating employment opportunities on local and regional levels.