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    Conexión Adulto Mayor

    Improving the lives of Elderly in Peru

    A great business idea,Conexion Adulto Mayor, came from a young entrepreneur from the United States when she discovers that her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer, illness that requires special care and attention. Maria Isabel Leon travels to her native country, Peru, to search for specialized care centers for elderly, but failed to find what she and her family would have liked for her loved father.

    That's when she came up with the ​​business idea; a virtual platform for seniors based in Alzheimer a very unattended segment in Peru.

    In 2010 Maria Isabel heard of TIC Americas within days of closing the call, and although she was not one of the finalists of this edition, she didn't give up and went ahead with her dream and worked for a year in developing her business idea, which led her to compete in TIC Americas 2012 in Cartagena, Colombia, in which she was the winner of the award for the best Social Entrepreneur.

    Maria Isabel Leon says that "Knowledge resulted in learning was one of the great contributions that Conexion Adulto Mayor obtained from TIC Americas 2012".

    After the finals in Cartagena, and as part of the follow up that YABT offers to the entrepreneurs she was invited to participate in the Global TIC - Taiwan, a global competition that brings together entrepreneurs from all continents. Conexion Adulto Mayor interacted in workshops and conferences, with CEOs of Asian companies, so that the business idea moved from a regional to a global market, and according to Maria Isabel Leon and Ricardo Arbulú "To build a viable business structure".

    Today, Conexión Adulto Mayor has created alliances with Peruvian and U.S. institutions, having a firm and formalized business foundation which seeks the upcoming challenges of the market.

    María Isabel Fiestas

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