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    Clic Educa

    Incorporating education and technology

    Clic Educa was first conceived in 2007 as a thesis proposal by an information engineering student as a solution to educational programs development. Ricardo Mansilla, a Chilean Entrepreneur, looks to make education a part of the digital era by evolving it into a multimedia concept and by joining the efforts of the public, private and social sectors in the hope to integrate education as part of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

    Clic Educa was initially created with the objective to expand educational programs into communities that lack access to digital knowledge, therefore generating educational democratization. Today the company offers a variety of products and services that have begun to revolutionize the way that education programs are perceived. Clic Educa produces educational software that can be used in the classroom and at home and through the framework, both teachers and students can create their own educational program, which not only makes learning more engaging, but also allows for adjustment to distinct local contexts.

    "Knowledge should not only be available in areas with resources, it must be exchanged and equally accessible." - said Chief Executive Officer of Clic Educa, Ricardo Mansilla. Presently, Clic Educa´s has donated 20,000 licenses to be implemented in Chilean public schools and to the Ministry of Education in Peru. To complement and support this corporate responsibility model, the company has brought in a net income of USD $50,000 in the first five months after it's official market launch, by selling 15,000 licenses in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

    In its formative stages, the company was able to bring aboard the Chile´s government, who supported the initiative with USD$100,000. Thanks to this investment, the company had the opportunity to focus on strategic partnerships and marketing, during which stages they participated in a variety of conferences, forums and international entrepreneurship competitions. This included the TIC Americas 2011 in El Salvador, where Clic Educa was awarded the Tradition and Culture category; also, they were invited to participate in the XIII International Meeting Virtual Education Panama held in June 2012.

    Clic Educa encompasses technological advancement, changes in approaches to learning, promotion of equal rights and democracy through access to education as well as a competitive business structure that enables the company to successfully bring in revenue while being a social actor in the private sector.

    Contact Information:
    Ricardo Mansilla


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