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Eco Actions from YABT and PepsiCo are Presented at Rio+20
Río de Janeiro, Brazil
Eco Acciones from YABT

Rio+20 is the abbreviation for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, a global event held from June 20th to 22nd, 2012 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event brought together a diverse assortment of leaders from government, business, civil society, NGOs and IGOs, the UN, academics, journalists, and even the general public; all coming together to build a sustainable development agenda for the next 20 years.

The projects Utopica and Verdeate.com were nominated by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and PepsiCo to present at this event, displaying best practices that contribute to hemispheric prosperity throughout both the region and the world with solutions committed to the environment.

"Utopica", concerned about natural disasters that occur each year in Colombia, proposed alternative housing solutions that minimizes material and personal losses through floating structures; while "Verdéate",an online social networking platform, focuses on enabling people and organizations to come up with so-called "Green Challenges" -- specific actions to reduce CO2 emissions, changing daily habits, and so on. Both ventures are examples of young talent and diversity in the Americas and the Caribbean.

"The amounts of information and resources amassed in Rio+20 have been great. Both personally and professionally, it's been a great learning experience," says Lina Catano, who was accompanied by Andres Uribe, both founders of the project.

During the days of the event, Lina, Andrew, and Sebastian Bustamante, director of Verdeate.com, had the opportunity to attend several networking spaces, including dialogues like "From Rio to Rio," which received positive assessment by panelists such as Hollywood actor Edward Norton, himself a Good Will Ambassador of the United Nations for the protection of biodiversity, as well as Monique Barbut, CEO of Global Environment Facility,which includes the work of UN officials and analysts since the first summit in 1992.

The entrepreneurs also participated in the side event, "Speed Brokering for Partnerships," which consisted of meeting sessions where only 72 participants selected by the organizers were able to network with high officials and businessmen from around the world in search of opportunities and access to financing, government, international organizations, and key leaders to expand their networks of strategic contacts.

These meetings and sessions were part of the visibility that YABT and PepsiCo offers to their network of young entrepreneurs. They encourage the youth of the hemisphere to further develop their Eco Actions.


In Rio+20 we have gather experiences, concepts, thoughts and knowledge that have affected positively our growth as a company. We have meet key environmentalist actors in the region that has increased the value of our network and opened doors to new opportunities. We have obtained a global perspective of the Climate Change and the environmental crisis, which have made of VERDEate.com a more develop company, conscious of it self and its value to society. Nevertheless, Rio+20 ended with a document that does not inspire anyone and doesn't work as the trigger to motivate the international community to address the deterioration of the planet.

To review our conclusions about the summit click here

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