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"Aprendizaje Verde" attended Virtual Educa 2012 in Panama
Panama city, Panama The importance of supporting environmental education is becoming increasingly apparent in countries throughout regions; reflected in a growing interest in the education community for engagement in activities relating to the environment.

This was evident during the XIII Encuentro Internacional Virtual Educa Panamá 2012, held from june 18 to 22 in Panama City, that this event would provide a platform for panamanian educators and students to get acquainted with "Aprendizaje Verde's Learning Portal", an initiative resulting from partnerships between PepsiCo, YABT, OAS, Televisa and la Universidad Virtual del Tecnológico de Monterrey.

"Aprendizaje Verde" is the first Latin American virtual community of environmental education aimed at teachers. The Portal provides members with resource center and tools to use in the classroom. The content include virtual courses on water, recycling and climate change, fun games to complement the classroom curriculum, comic books, videos, games, songs, group projects and links to other Internet sites.

During Virtual Educa these entities held the Aprendizaje Verde Workshop in order to train Panamanian educators using this new platform and tool support in the classroom. Training was performed with a practical and interactive methodology, allowing participants to learn step by step everything needed to implement environmental learning with your students. Subsequently, the audience learned about the environmental issues, the resources, tools and content that presents this free Aprendizaje Verde Learning Portal updated continuously.

Moreover, the "Aprendizaje Verde "Stand was one of the most visited in Virtual Educa, not only for educators, but also by students who quickly identified themself with the Portal. This also allowed us to know some activities on the environment and recycling are being developed in schools in different provinces of Panama. "Aprendizaje Verde" promotes, strengthens and supports these types of initiatives, which can be shared in the forum of best practices contained in the portal.

"Aprendizaje Verde" is a platform designed to make environmental education classes more enjoyable and fun for students. We invite the Ministry of Education and its schools for their use as a support tool to promote environmental awareness among its students, "said Luis Viguria, CEO of YABT, who was accompanied at the event PepsiCo officers and Technology Monterrey.

Join "Aprendizaje Verde", by registering at www.aprendizajeverde.net. Share what you're doing in your school and invite teachers, students and others to register and access all the best environmental education resources with this virtual platform.