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Youth Actions Presented on Hemispheric Webinar

On July 31st, 2012, the first Follow Up Webinar Further to the III Young Americas Forum was held and moderated from Washington DC. This event brought together over 50 young leaders, businessmen and representatives of NGOs.

The session took place in order to provide a platform for dialogue between young people who attended the III Young Americas Forum, where they shared their actions being undertaken as a follow up to the mandates of the VI Summit of the Americas, held in April 2012 in Cartagena, Colombia.

Panelists presented the results and promoted the Youth Declaration of Cartagena in the most important international events such as Vanguardia Latina (Washington DC), the Youth Employment Forum (Geneva, Switzerland), XLII OAS General Assembly (Cochabamba, Bolivia), Rio +20 Summit (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Vanguardia Latina Centro Americana (Tegucigalpa, Honduras). It is admirable to see the level of youth engagement in the Americas to make their voice heard and promote their initiatives in international platforms of great social and political importance.

The webinar establish a space to discuss and implement strategies, recognizing the importance of working with different sectors and develop partnerships with national and regional institutions to expand their scope and maximize their impact. YABT proposed the use of the official website of the III Young Americas Forum as the main platform of communication and interaction. The objective is to document environmental and leadership follow-up initiatives to measure and monitor their quantitative impact in the areas of innovation.

The Action Plan proposed by the participants highlighted tools such as group interaction with governments and other stakeholders, division of members by area of ​​interest to generate a tentative plan and investigative reports, along with optimization of social networks as diffusion mechanism.

YABT appreciates the participation of "Red de Jovenes de las Americas" in their contribution as agents of change in the region. We invite you to document your actions and initiatives in www.youngamericasforum.com

*The III Young Americas Forum is a great opportunity to contribute to democracy and progress in our region. On this platform, young people have the opportunity to analyze and discuss challenges in order to propose viable and sustainable solutions and new perspectives to contribute to the VI Summit of the Americas.

Webinar de Seguimiento al III Foro de Jovenes de las Americas from YABT TV on Vimeo.