Become a Youth Ambassador for TIC Americas

Washington DC, August 22, 2014 —the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is currently carrying out all the preparations regarding the X Edition oft he TIC Americas 2015. Since we want that more and more young entrepreneurs from all countries of the Americas reap the benefits provided by the TIC Americas competition, we call on all former participants to help us spread the word of mouth.

Either through their social networks or presentations at their universities or incubators, we firmly believe in YABT that the best way to encourage young people in taking up the challenges of TIC Americas is through testimonies of former participants who have enjoyed very opportunity during and after the competition.

If you are interested to participate in this initiative or conducting a presentation of TIC Americas at your university or community, please contact us via Isabella Troconis ( with the email subject “Ambassador Youth for TIC Americas”.

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