Entrepreneurship, sustainable development and women empowerment

Santo Domingo, June 13, 2016 - Within the framework of the Finals for the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas 2016), a number of plenary sessions were focused on entrepreneurship, sustainable development and recognition to the empowerment of young female entrepreneurs and leaders in the region.

The first session began on Friday, June 10, with the Panel "Women Agents of Change: Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Towards Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal No. 5”, which was moderated by Ambassador Carmen Moreno, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission of Women of the Organization of American States.

The panel was composed of Monica Bauer, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for PepsiCo; Rosa Matos, Gender Unit Development Program of the United Nations; and young entrepreneur Lucitania Castillo, Program Manager of Jompéame.

PepsiCo presented a special recognition for the "Young Female Entrepreneur of the Americas", this recognition was received by “Jompéame”, highlighting its role in leadership and social impact that this startup has had in the region. “Jompéame” is an online platform for fundraising projects that have social impact. “Jompéame” was represented by Lucitania Castillo, Katherine Motyka and Karla Castro, three young Dominican women with exemplary careers.

The activities continued with the panel Youth Now RD: Innovation as a tool for action; in this session, we invited entrepreneurs to do an elevator pitch of their business. The audience was composed of others teams and participants of other entrepreneurship programs such as City University of New York (CUNY) students, InnovApp, Climathon, CREE, ITLA , CTC, and CONADIS.

Emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship, the plenary session “Myths and Realities of Collective Funding for Entrepreneurs” was led by Ignacio de León, Specialist in Innovation for the Inter-
American Development Bank (IDB).

National and international specialists shared their opinions and insights on the present and the future of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean. This session was moderated by Luis Viguria, CEO of YABT ; panelists included Michael James, Entrepreneurs Program Manager for CREE Banreservas; Michael Hennessey, Compete Caribbean Coordinator; and Jorge Armando Tavarez, Director of the Instituto Tecnologico de las Americas (ITLA).

Out of School and Out of Work in Latin America: 20 million young people looking for opportunities, this is the title of a recent publication of the World Bank, and was the main focus of the panel that took place on June 12. The panel brought together author of the report Rafael de Hoyos, Senior Economist of the Education Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank; Darlyn Good Abreu, Youth Delegate; and Edgar Maestre Program Manager for YABT, as moderator. The panelists shared their views and comments regarding the report and answered questions from the audience.

Then the agenda continued with an Open Dialogue for Youth by Manuela Ferro, Director of Operations and Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean for the World Bank; the panel was moderated by Valerie Lorena, Executive Director of YABT.

Video memories of the event (Source: Banreservas)


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