TIC Americas Finalists among the 30 most promising businesses according to Forbes

Washington D.C., United States, September 15, 2015— Forbes Magazine Mexico recently released a report of the most promising  start-ups in Central America and South American. Forbes chose the 30 start-ups with the highest potential based ontheir profits, jobs creation, and their social and environmental impact.

Four out of the 30 start-ups on this list took part in the finals of the Talent and Innovation Competition in the Americas (TIC Americas):

  1. Medio Lleno

Winner of the TIC Americas 2011, in the Social Entrepreneurship Category

Founders: Sergio Rodríguez Ávila, Mario Magaña, Santiago Imberton

Description: Medio Lleno aims to generate a space of exchange of opportunities for youth online contents creation. Through Medio Lleno, people can see and participate by looking for news and sending them out, which can benefit other young people.

Industry: Communication

Established: 2008

Jobs Created: 12 Direct & 25 Indirect

Countries in operation: El Salvador

2. Criptext

Finalist of the TIC Americas 2015, in the Economic Innovation Category

Founders: Mayer Mizrachi, Luis Loaiza & Alberto Vera

Description: Criptext is an e-service, which allows people to send emails in a safe way. It can track the status of all sent emails and even restrict the reading to only the original email-receiver.

Industry: Technology

Established: 2014

Jobs Created: 13

Countries in operation: United States, Panama, and Ecuador 

3. Courreiros Ecolivery

Winner of the TIC Americas 2013, in the Eco-Challenge Category

Founder: Víctor Navarro Castello Branco

Description: Courreiros offers delivery services via bicycle. This project aims to protect the environment by reduction  CO2 emissions in the delivering industry by improving the urban lifestyle and building-up a more economic efficient society.

4. Clic Educa

Winner of the TIC Americas 2011, in the Traditions and Culture Category

Founder: Ricardo Mansilla

Description: Clic Educa generates support tools for the education sector by providing online technological products and services for the transversal education.

Industry: Education


Jobs Created:20

Countries in operation: Chile & Peru (All Latin American Countries through www.musiglota.com)

Source: http://www.forbes.com.mx/30-promesas-de-negocios-de-centroamerica/


The Talent and Innovation Competition in the Americas (TIC Americas) is an international entrepreneurship platform and a business accelerator for young entrepreneurs led by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) with the support of the Organization of American States (OAS).

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