Youth present their recomendations to the 45th General Assembly

Washington DC, United States, June 14, 2015 - The Youth voice was heard in the dialogue between the Heads of Delegation, the General Secretary, the General Secretary Assistant with representatives of civil society, held on June 14 as part of  the 45th General Assembly of the OAS (GA  OAS) in Washington DC, United States.

Nicolas Vieira Torres, Chilean youth leader, today introduced the contributions made by over 400 young people on the theme of the 45th G.A. These contributions come from different participation channels that generate the Young American Business Trust in order to accompany the inclusion of the youth voice in the processes of the OAS. On this occasion, two virtual dialogues and an online survey were develop by YABTS where hundreds of young people across the hemisphere participated.

"The participation of young people in the 45 Assembly is a component in the process of inclusion of youth as agents of change being implemented by the Young Americas Business Trust - YABT" youth intervention begins.

"Over 90% of young people who were consulted say they want to be taken into account in one official OAS process and suggest The Youth Forum of the Americas to be through a mandate, as an official space for youth participation in the process of the Summits of the Americas."

Then continues with a description of the recommendations of young people about the pillars of the OAS. In the case of Integral Development, they focused on youth education. "Young people believe that the OAS should accompany the processes to achieve universal education in Member States. To make education known as a right and not as privilege."

We believe that the OAS should promote integration of the Education in the Americas, to ensure coverage, quality and gratuity at all academic levels.

Besides, they say, “You cannot dissociate education and employment, therefore, synergies must be created between government, universities and the private sector. “More education means more competitiveness, more capacity, more entrepreneurship and more opportunities to have a decent job.

Regarding democracy pillar Nicholas said: "It is vital the strengthening of democracy to the full exercise of citizenship. That is why we celebrate the opening of spaces as the IV Youth Forum of the Americas, helping to overcome the apathy of some young people.

"Another aspect that worries us about the democracy pillar is corruption. Our main recommendations are to promote the pillars of an Open Government through transparency, collaboration and participation in order to encourage youth participation, showing them that politic is not corruption, so that allows youth became interest us and get involved."

Hemispheric security is the next pillar to which he referred "We believe that the OAS should bet that its Member States privilege innovation, education, productivity for job creation and decent pay. Thus, the need for crime and organized crime should reduce.

About the Human Rights pillar, we were consult about phenomenon of migration: "Migration is not a problem; the problem is that it is illegal. Immigration laws should be based on human rights and international treaties in force", said Nicholas."

The OAS should focus on helping nations where citizens migrates to other countries." The Projects must be accompanied by the creation of decent jobs, quality education and security for immigrants to return to their countries, said the young man.

He concludes his highlighting intervention: "Young ask the OAS to generate more and better channels of participation. We propose the institutionalization of the Youth Forum of the Americas as an official space for participation in the process of the Summits of the Americas through a resolution or mandate and supporting and developing local, national and hemispheric forums for youth ".

Heads of Delegation then made its interventions where they recognized and commended the work of young people. Colombia said it should be institutionalized the Youth Forum of the Americas and other Civil Society Forum, Mexico stated that priorities should be human rights, youth and education. Grenada meanwhile stressed the importance of supporting entrepreneurs; Haiti stressed the need to work on education for young people have more opportunities, among others.


Read the full involvement of youth: Here


The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote and implement programs that encourage entrepreneurship in the Americas to combat poverty and seek better opportunities for youth.

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