Do you believe you are capable of taking up the challenge of transforming rural communities?

Making Cents and YABT will recognize one young entrepreneur from Latin America and the Caribbean that already has a technology innovative start-up or leads a technology-focused initiative aimed at young people in rural areas. These young professionals will be invited to take part in a webinar from their country of residence. This webinar will be take place in the Washington D.C. office of Making Cents in June 2014. The presenter will have the opportunity to give a presentation on their initiatives, experiences, and achievements to an international audience. This webinar falls under the conferences series "Youth Engagement in Economic Opportunities within Rural Areas".

In order to participate in this selection process, candidates must fulfill the following requirements: 1) be under 35 years old, 2) be a national of any country in Latin America and the Caribbean, 3) English proficiency, 4) be founder of an initiative (preferably a software) that solves a major problem in a rural community, 5) previous experience in giving public presentations (not mandatory).

Do you believe you are capable of taking up the challenge of transforming rural communities' future or do you know someone who complies with this profile?

Please send us your Curriculum Vitae and a 500 word motivation letter answering the following question: Why do you think your motivations, innovative initiative and previous experience can inspire young entrepreneurs coming from rural and agricultural backgrounds?

The deadline is due to March 7th at 17h EST.



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