Contributions of the Youth presented in VIII Summit of the Americas

Your Excellence, Martin Vizcarra, President of Peru

 Your Excellence, Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States

 Distinguished Head of States, Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Good Morning, my name is Rosario del Pilar Díaz Garavito, a young Peruvian, social entrepreneur and founder of The Millennials Movement organization.

Today I have the responsibility and great honor to share with you the recommendations and proposals report developed by the youth, as a result of the V Young Americas Forum, an official youth participation process in its capacity as official social actor in the process of the Summit of the Americas, organized by the Young Americas Business Trust.

The Young Americas Forum welcomed more than five thousand young people from the 35 OAS Member States, representing a diverse array of groups in the region, including young people from rural areas, young indigenous, young Afro-descendants, LGBTQ youth, youth living in humanitarian crisis, young migrants, young entrepreneurs and social leaders, young members of political parties, students, and many others, who work hard with the support of different actors and with their own resources managed the execution of 110 local, national, regional and hemispheric dialogues, both onsite and virtual, in the frame VIII Summit of the Americas.

Next, I will summarize the results,

Democratic Governance and Corruption 

The youth considers corruption an anti-value, and transparency is the value that can prevent it. We reject this punishable phenomenon that promotes the abuse of power, threatens human rights and democratic governance in the region. The best individual and collective ways to promote transparency and prevent corruption are citizen audits and oversight, as well as the creation of spaces for participation in public decision-making. We, as young people, commit ourselves to embrace and promote democratic values, best practices and have an active and constant participation in civic life.

We are also committed to generating multisectoral alliances in the public and private sector in this matter. We demand that governments, private companies and civil society act morally to give continuity to this declaration and thus not only have a better present, but also plant a sustainable seed in future generations.

Corruption and Sustainable Development 

Sustainable development aims at a better quality of life, in the present and in the future. In this sense, we must focus our efforts to change from the basic pillars such as human rights and the rights of nature. It is fundamental to recognize ourselves as the mega diverse region that we are. Respecting diversity, without discrimination, requires reclaiming the rights of indigenous peoples as well as taking decisive actions in the mitigations and adaptation to climate change.

We have the right to peace, as well as to free, accessible and quality education in our daily lives; to equity and global justice. We, as leaders and potential decision-makers, must participate in sustainable development actively, generating a better ecosystem for current and future living beings. One of our goals is to produce changes in our and in future generations by considering ethical values in decision-making through active and inclusive citizen participation mechanisms.

Young people of the Americas demand a balance between planning and doing, so we invite our authorities and members of organizations present today to be part of the change in favor of the citizens of the Americas, having the youth as partners through the implementation of their sustainable ventures, and mobilizing support to have greater technical and financial resources for the adaptability and positive impact of the initiative related to this matter.

Aspects of Cooperation, International Institutionalism and Public-Private Alliances

A very important issue is the alliances between different public or private institutions with youth organizations. Therefore, we urge the creation of an inclusive Youth Ministry with decision-making power, which would work transversally with the different institutions of each State, as a channel and platform to centralize the goals and indicators among youth, governments and the private sector, a way to nourish the common objectives of the Hemisphere.

In the case of those countries that have this institution, the contributions must be aligned and strengthened. This way, we can join efforts with young people and youth support organizations, so they can also contribute to economic development and social innovation projects that have a positive impact on the mandates of the Summit and youth citizen participation.

Thank you very much,


Rosario del Pilar Díaz Garavito

Young Americas Forum

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