World Bank and YABT announce recognition to outstanding young woman innovator of the Americas

This recognition, awarded by the World Bank and YABT, honors the vision of a young pioneer in her field, who has been able to transform a reality, introduce new knowledge, or create an unprecedented solution having a positive social impact in the region.

Washington, D.C., June 9, 2016 – Several studies have shown in recent years that women participation in business has increased, especially in emerging markets’ technology sectors.

With the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and the contribution of women to the Sustainable Development Goals, the World Bank and the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) are pleased to announce the award “Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Americas,” recognizing attributes such as: leadership, scalable and adaptable business models with an impact on society, among others. This award is part of the XI Edition of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas).

In its 2016 Global Development Report, “Digital Dividends,” the World Bank finds that new technologies allow women to participate more easily in the labor market—as e-commerce entrepreneurs, in online work, or in business-process outsourcing. Nevertheless, it recognizes that there are still few women in the information technology and communications field; despite being a sector where demand for labor is growing and supply is insufficient.

In the current less favorable economic environment, “the role that the private sector and businesses play will be very important, especially young entrepreneurs, to drive the growth and to create productive and quality jobs,” said Manuela Ferro, Director of Operations and Strategy for the Latin American and Caribbean Region of the World Bank. “In that regard, I am particularly pleased that in this edition of TIC Americas the World Bank is supporting the recognition of the Young Woman Innovator of the Americas.”

Fortunately, throughout the region we are already finding that young innovators are transforming the industry and communities, through valuable proposals that break with tradition. Such is the case of young innovators supported by YABT, among them: Mariana Costa, Co-Founder of Laboratoria; Johanna Molina, Founder and Director for America in The Inter Group; and Cristina Palacios, Co-Founder of Aventones and  Partner of INNKU. They are evidence of the need to empower more women and to break gender barriers.  

“From its various programs, YABT has been supporting women so that through entrepreneurship they contribute to economic development in all its dimensions,” saidValerie Lorena, Executive Director of the YABT.Innovative solutions are a special quality that young female entrepreneurs have, focusing on innovation as an engine for business growth and the improvement of the business environment in their countries and the region.”

The World Bank and YABT strengthen their cooperation supporting this new category of TIC Americas. The Recognition will be awarded in a ceremony that will take place June 11 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, official activity of the 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). 

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