YABT and MINECO drive Microenterprise Development in Guatemala

Guatemala City, June 10, 2014 – A year after hosting TIC Americas Finals 2013, the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the Government of Guatemala through the Ministry of Economy (MINECO) are working hand in hand to celebrate the workshop on Microenterprise Support. This business lab will take place on June 16 through June 20 at the Conquistador Hotel in Guatemala City.

For the second consecutive year, YABT and MINECO join efforts to host a business labs conducted by two experts from the International Golda Meir Mount Carmel Training Centre, David Marcelo and Boruszek Firstman. This business lab follows the same business labs schedule in Central America implemented in 2013. (For more info: Innovation Workshops to take place in Guatemala and Costa Rica).

Every day, the mission to strengthen and increase channels to accelerate youth entrepreneurship becomes more relevant to create sustainable businesses. For this reason, MINECO and YABT seek to mitigate all factors that prevent the creation of microenterprises. Likewise, this business lab is aim at supporting young entrepreneurs to acquire news tools and support them in the creation of new businesses. A recent report by the the International Labour Organization (ILO), entitled "Decent Work and Youth in Latin America 2013: Policy for Action" refers to this point, noting that" one of the key issues to business development services are strong barriers that only affect youth from poor backgrounds. "

The workshop is part of the Nex Links Program "Monitoring Networks for Young Entrepreneurs". Nex Links is focused on the creation of mechanisms and tools to support young entrepreneurs in their starting phase to enable them to expand their businesses. This week, a group of about 35 representatives from the public, private, and academic sectors will be recipients of this workshop. In doing so, YABT aims to strengthen the local supply of business support by facilitating new tools, methodologies, and success stories.

So far this year, YABT and Israel have implemented training programs in Peru, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic; jointly with local partners of YABT.

For more information, contact YABT through Edgar Master via email to edgar.maestre@yabt.net. For partnership opportunities with YABT, contact the Executive Director Valerie Lorena via email to VLorena@oas.org.

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