YABT strengthen its ties with the Caribbean Youth Ambassadors

Washington D.C. February, 2014 — Last Friday, February 21, the OAS Assistant Secretary General Alberto A. Ramdin hosted 32 young Caribbean leaders from Bahamas, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Surinam, and Trinidad and Tobago with the aim of presenting the opportunities and advantages that the OAS youth programs have to offer them. The participation of the Youth Ambassadors was possible thanks to the NGO Bold Leaders based in Denver, Colorado and the funding of the U.S. Department of State.

During this meeting, OAS Officials presented the scholarships program, the Model of the Organization of the American States, and the TIC Americas. Moreover, YABT CEO Luis Viguria explained our most relevant programs and its positive impact on young citizens in the Americas. He also described the registration process for TIC Americas, Eco-Challenge and the Caribbean Innovation Challenge. After the presentation was over a debate between the presenters and all participants was established in order to answers all inquiries and curiosities that aroused from YABT's presentation. At the end of the meeting, the Youth Ambassadors showed their delight and appreciation for taking part in this meeting and for acknowledging a whole new world of opportunities offered by the OAS.

Nataki Hadaway, 33, a Youth Ambassador representing Trinidad and Tobago felt "privileged given that many Americans do not have the chance, as we do, to interact with the Americas leaders and discuss about issues that are affecting our countries". When we asked Nataki about the advantages that the OAS offers to its young citizens, she believed that "the youth programs, such as the loans and scholarships, will benefit and improve the prospects of all Caribbean citizens". Finally, Nataki showed her enthusiasm towards the TIC Americas and admitted "many young people with new ideas struggle for a loan to set up their business, this competition might help them enormously". After this visit, Nataki, a teacher and graduate in Law and Social Sciences, is considering more and more the idea of applying for an internship at the OAS.

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