Young people will play the leading role in the National Dialogue in Panama

Panama City, Panama, February 25, 2015— A total of 529 young leaders apply to participate in the National Young Dialogue that will take place on March 5th in the City of Knowledge towards the IV Young Americas Forum (IV Forum). The IV Forum is an official activity in the framework of the VII Summit of the Americas that Panama is hosting in April this year.

The open call, which finished on ¬Tuesday 10 February, aimed to encourage young leaders from across the country to reflect the vision of the Panamanian youth on the core topics of the Summit’s theme "Prosperity with Equity: The challenge of cooperation in the Americas ": education, security, migration, health, environment, civil society, citizen participation and democratic governance.

A total of 100 young people were selected to take part in this dialogue, where 35% are young people from the province of Panama, 15% of Chiriqui, 10% of Columbus, 9% of Veraguas, 6% of indigenous Counties, 5% West Panama, Cocle 5%, 5% Herrera, Los Santos 5%, 4% of Bocas del Toro, and 1% of Darien. The 50% of the selected participants come from the provinces of Panama, Panama West and Columbus; while the other 50% come from the rest of the provinces. In terms of gender, 49% are men and 51% women.

Young people across Panama will share their views regarding the challenges that youth face in their regions and come up with new solutions to overcome their current disadvantages. These efforts and enthusiasm demonstrated by the young Panamanians underlines the importance of the youth as Social Actors of the Summit of the Americas.

The contributions of the National Dialogue for Young will set an important groundwork to address national challenges related to the themes of the Summit. The outcome report will be considered as a major input when drafting the Declaration of the Forum.

The National Young Dialogue in Panama is organized by the Young Americas Business Trust, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama, the City of Knowledge, Global Shapers - City of Panama, the United Nations in Panama, the Ministry of Social Development, and the University of Panama.

If you have not participated in a regional, national or local dialogue, we invite you to share your thoughts with us about the themes of the VII Summit, through the virtual consultation:

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The Youth Americas Forum is a program that has been developed for a decade by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), where the youth as social actor gets actively involved in the processes of the Summits of the Americas. More information available at

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