Activities in the frame of International Youth Day

Washington DC, August 15th, 2016 – Last Friday, the world commemorated the International Youth Day and the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) celebrated it by realizing a series of activities where hundreds of young people from around the world participated.

YABT, as part of Youth Power Learning, held two open dialogues with Michael McCabe, USAID Youth Coordinator, where the conversation topic was “Positive Youth Development”. The goal of these discussionswas to involve youth in an open space to share their needs in order to thrive and succeed in today’s world.

The day started with the virtual dialogue in English, where 14 countries from MENA, Africa, and Asia where represented through more than 50 participants. “Being able to work together with USAID generating spaces to get to know different realities and needs from youth around the world is a privilege for our organization.” Said Luis Viguria, CEO of YABT.

In the afternoon, the Spanish dialogue took place with 14 countries represented and more than 60 participants. It is important to highlight that both dialogues included follow up activities in the different countries at a local level.

Simultaneously to the dialogues there were Twitter Chat sessions, where McCabe answered youth’s consultations that allowed him to know the actions and initiatives that young people are implementing to promote Positive Youth Development in their communities. This exchange had an impact of nearly 3 million users on Twitter.

By noon, YABT participated as special guest in the two Twitter Chats organized by Impact Squared, where the main topics were youth, poverty, climate change, and the Sustainable Development Goals. “To be Impact Squared’s special guests for Youth Day, was an immense opportunity to globally connect and amplify the voices of YABT’s community of entrepreneurs. Youth are key to achieve the Global Goals.” Commented TereGonzález, Program Officer at YABT.

During the afternoon, Jose Clautier, Program Officer at YABT, participated as panelist at IYLA Global Summit in the World Bank, focused on entrepreneurship. "To be an entrepreneur doesn’t mean to leave school or quit your job, it doesn’t mean that you solely need an economic purpose in life. It means to be a leader, an innovator that creates new solutions to old problems, and improves the life of others while doing it.” He mentioned.

In Guanajuato, México, YABT delivered the award “Gobernador de la Juventud” (“Governor of the Youth”) to Miguel MárquezMárquez as sign of his leadership, commitment and restless work in the promotion and development of youth opportunities. The ceremony took place in the frame of the event “PremiosEstatales de la Juventud 2016” (“2016 State Youth Awards”).

In front of an audience of 1400 young people from Guanajuato as well as government authorities, Edgar Maestre, Program Director for Latin America at YABT affirmed: “The youth of Guanajuato have always been protagonists of history and can overcome any barrier if they have the support they need, this is why we celebrate the work of Governor Márquez.”

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