8th “Lets Talk About Education” Session

Panama City, December 6, 2016 – Youth United for Education led the 8th Discussion Series #LetsTalkAboutEducation. This time, the theme was "The role of youth in transforming education". The discussion group brought more than 75 young people and representatives of different sectors and had the support of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT).

On this occasion, the Discussion Series had the participation of speakers Mathias Gómez and Nicole Gómez, both members of the 2020 Education Foundation from Chile, an organization that has managed to show a different path to achieve quality education in their country.

Their presentation, and the discussion that followed, allowed the audience to learn more about the Chilean reality in the field of education and the achievements and impact of social movements, as well as identify lessons learned and areas of opportunity that Panama could replicate to generate changes in the education quality of the country. Furthermore, participants discussed ways to work at a regional level and build effective public policies, with a common language in the field.

"Panamanian people have the opportunity to work together for a different path, we have a group of young people that are willing to work day and night searching for an quality education", said David Bernal, member of Youth United for Education in the opening ceremony. He also acknowledged members of the 2020 Education Foundation for their collaborative work that they are sharing throughout the country; he stressed the importance of joining forces and achieving to develop a network of education excellence.

Later on, the representatives of the 2020 Education Foundation formed part of the panel "The Role of Youth in the Transformation of Education", joined by Francisco Trejos, Edmavi Gonzalez and Alejandro Carbonell, members of Youth United for Education. The panel was carried out in two phases, the first one had a round of questions from the social media, and the second one had a space for audience participation.

Alejandro Carbonell, who is also CEO of Tutorez, expressed that "the best practices in education reform that can be replicated in Panama from the Education 2020 experience is for the Government to adopt changes in public policies on education that should transcend generations".

Youth United for Education is a civil society group formed by Panamanian citizens of different professional sectors interested in promoting a better future for Panama through an educational system of good quality. The group was formed thanks to the connections made at the IV Young Americas Forum, organized by YABT, where youth in their capacity as social actors, participate actively in the Summit of the Americas process.

"Youth have a fundamental role to transform technology and innovation into tools to accomplish integral teaching practices, modern and quality education, creating leaders committed to solving the challenges of the today’s society", expressed Edgar Maestre, Latin America Program Director for YABT.

For more information, please contact Edgar Maestre at: edgar.maestre@yabt.net.

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