Ideas for Action in Peru

Lima, Peru, october 7, 2015 – The World Bank, the Zicklin Center of the Wharton Business School, the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL), partners of the Ideas for Action program, hosted a series of activities within the framework of the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Lima, Peru

In the Panel: “Ideas for Action (I4A), the particicpation of young people to finance the sustainable development goals”, representatives from goverment, private sector, international cooperation, and young leaders and entrepreneurs were able to learn about the impact of the first edition of the program and had the opportunity to interact with the winners.

The Panel was hosted at the Lima Convention Center, oficial venue of the Annual Meetings, and was moderated by Mr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, Corporate Secretary and Special Envoy for the World Bank President at the United Nations. The panel included Luis Montoya, President of PepsiCo Latin America Beverates, Djrodjija Petkoski, Professor at Wharton School of Business, Ines Temple, President of Care Peru, Joachim von Amsberg, Vice President of Finance Development at the World Bank.

Twoe represnetatives of the Ideas for Action winning teams, Albert Rolando Forton from Outcome team, and Mathew McPhail, from Pennsurance presented their proposals during the panel.

The panelists highlighted the importance of partnerships for the implementation of the Project proposals presented by the winners of I4A program, and to contribute in a postive way to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more about the I4A winning proposals, please review the oficial publication here.

Following the panel and in partnership with the San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL), it was hosted the conference: Global Dialogue with Young Entrepreneurs of I4A to finance the Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Dialogue had the participation of Young entrepreneurs from 20 countries who participated through the internet and shared their innovative ideas to finance the Sustainable Development Goals and shared their experience as participants in the I4A.

Team Oxygen from Nigeria, second place of the I4A explained their proposal on financial inclusión in the rice industry in Nigeria.

Following the welcoming words from Mr. Daniel Diez Canseco Terry, Director of the School of Entrepreneurship at USIL, Mr. Jos Verbeek from the World Bank highlighted the importance of the participation of young people in important proceses as the implementation of the sustainable development goals. Luis Viguria, YABT CEO, mentioned the important role of entrepreneurship and strategic alliances as necessary tools to efectively promote social and financial inclusión in our society.

Following the I4A participants, Isabella Troconis, Eco Challenge Coordinator at YABT presented her visión as a latinamerican youth about the importance of participating in programs such as I4A, and encouraged young people to take every opportunity offered by international organizations to transform your ideas and projects in to programs that will help solve the development challenges in the americas. The dialogue ended with the virtual participation of young people via internet and the presentation of Ms. Lorena Julio, founder of Comparlante, a social inclusión Project that provides Access to literatura to blind people and I4A finalist.

The second edition of Ideas for Action competition was annouced having as main topic job creation We invite all the Young people around the world to participate.

For more information, please visit:!ideascompetition/ccl3

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Ideas for Action in Peru 1/2

Ideas for Action in Peru 2/2

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a non for profit corporation that works in cooperation with the Organization of Ameican States (OAS) to support and implement programs that support social and economic development through entrepreneurship. Since its creation, YABT has supported over 40,000 young people in 75 countries.

Ideas for Action (I4A) is a program that has as main objective to promote among students, young people and young professionals among the world to develop solutions to finance the development agenda post 2015. In its first edition, Ideas for Action received 330 proposals, involving more tan 1500 young people. Each year, the winner teams have the opportunity to present their proposal to representatives of the World Bank.

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