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  • Connections and Exchange of Experiences on Entrepreneurship

    October 3-7, 2016 Washington, D.C.

    Registration closing on September 9th


    The NexLinks Mission will gather representatives from different sectors in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world, to attend a multiple format agenda, focused on getting to know the global entrepreneurship ecosystem and international development driven from the capital of the United States. The delegates of the Mission will attend three high level entrepreneurship international events on social and economic development as well as meetings, study visits, social events, and networking.

    The Mission takes place as part of the regional NexLinks Program from the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the Organization of American States (OAS), focused on the creation of mechanisms and tools for organizations that support young entrepreneurs in the initial stages and expansion of their businesses. The delegates of the Mission, who can be entrepreneurs and/or organizations, will interact in a close approach with officials and specialists from international organisms, cooperative agencies, multilateral and development banks, federal corporations, entrepreneurs from all around the world, and representatives from the private sector.

    In addition to meeting the broad community as well as entrepreneurship and business programs in the United States, the Mission represents an opportunity to identify international resources and mobilize allies for entrepreneurship programs, trade, socioeconomic and innovation development, in hands of the participating organizations in the Mission.

    The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is the organizer of this Mission and acts as a global catalyzer for entrepreneurship, youth, and innovation, that works in cooperation with the Organization of the American States General Secretariat. The YABT will accompany all the activities and open possibilities to amplify the impact of the program in the participants’ countries and regions.


    Promote the exchange of experiences and mobilize global allies for entrepreneurship and economic development programs. The YABT will bring the necessary support to identify and access best practices, networking, and generate high-level visibility spaces for the participating organizations.

    About Washington, D.C.

    Washington D.C., is the capital of United States. According to the Census Office of the United States counts with a population of 6 million inhabitants in the Metropolitan Area of Washington. It concentrates the main federal agencies, multilateral development banks, thinking tanks and private international foundations, consolidating itself as a reference city in entrepreneurial topics, international cooperation, emerging businesses, and professional/business exchange programs.

    The city is the center of the three branches of the federal government of the United States, which include the Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court of Justice. Additionally, in the last years it has become an emerging city in the venture of businesses, corporate and social, highlighting the leading firms by women. It contains an emerging community of startups, leadership hubs, intersectoral innovation; headquarters to the opening and expanding markets. It is a cosmopolitan city that combines art, history, and the contemporary world with a variety of professional, academic, and business opportunities that attract residents and visitors from all over the world; generating a tourism sector of US $5.5 billions.


    The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is an international organization that works in cooperation with the Organization of the American States (OAS) General Secretariat. YABT supports the objectives and purposes of the OAS, by promoting and implementing programs that promote the business and leadership spirit in the Americas and other regions, as ways to create bigger opportunities for youth.

    YABT offers a platform for best practices and cooperation in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation development, linking entrepreneurs and leaders as developers of sustainable development. For more information visit www.yabt.net.