Youth Participation at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings

In 2015, Peru was selected to be the host of the World BankGroup and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings, after 50 years of having been celebrated in Washington D.C., this year’s meetings represented a milestone for these events.

Young Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Sustainable Growth” was the flagship event dedicated to youth, which had a four-month consultative process that involved thousands of young entrepreneurs and professionals from 43 countries. Through the consultation they could share their experiences, recommendations, and success stories with the rest of the world.  

The importance of this event was underscored as Dr. Jim Kim, President of the World Bank Group, served as its keynote speaker. With more than 117,000 viewers and 500 people gathered at the event, panelists discuss youth entrepreneurship and its positive impact on economic development and sustainable growth. 

The results of the four-month consultation and event were captured by a comprehensive participation and global consultation process. YABT analyzed the contributions of over 1,500 participants which were sourced from virtual dialoguesin English, French and Spanish, 25 national dialogues and a global survey.  The results clearly indicate that young entrepreneurs have become drivers of innovation, economic growth, and deliver a positive impact to society.

See the results! “Young Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Sustainable Growth”

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