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Through its Business Opportunity Online Training Camp - BOOT Camp, YABT organized during 2015numerous online training sessions that provided young entrepreneurs a direct channel to international experts who transfered their knowledge and experience through the entrepreneurs through the BOOT Camp platform.

The BOOT platform delivers virtual training on Project Formulation, Marketing, Team Management, and Financial Management. These topics support the development of projects and the expansion of businesses. 

More than 500 entrepreneurs registered for the sessions offered by YABT. Some of these sessions were: 

How to Participate in the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas?

Eco-Challenge 1: Sustainable Agriculture.

Eco-Challenge 2: Water.

What is a Business Canvas?

How to Prepare an Accurate Financial Projection? 

Business Plan - How and why should you write a Business Plan?

How to Start a Social Enterprise?

Commercialization of a Product or Service.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs.