Young people call to action - VII Summit of the Americas​

More than 5,000 young people participated in the IV Young Americas Forum process. The Young Americas Forum is an official event of the Summit of the Americas and serves as the hemispheric voice for youth to the collective member governments of the Organization of American States.

The forum is an ideal opportunity for youths to express concerns, needs, proposals, and innovative actions to OAS Member States.  This year, the forum presented the youth’s vision for “Prosperity with Equity: The Challenge of Cooperation in the Americas”, the VII Summit of the Americas theme.

In an eight month process managed by YABT, young people from the Americas and the Caribbean debated and collaborated on issues surrounding entrepreneurship, education, democratic governability, citizen participation, migration, and security.  The results and recommendations of this extensive process were encapsulated in the Panama 2015 Youth Declaration.

Furthermore, a Declaration of Indigenous Youth was presented at the Summit to the Heads of State. As follow up activities, YABT presented a report to Ministers of Education of the hemisphere at the Reflection and Coordination Session: Towards Building an Inter-American Education Agenda; also the “Declaration of Youth in the Americas United for Sustainable Development”, and a social inclusion project for people with disabilities to be applied within the Organization of American States "Accessible OAS" where presented to the highest authorities of the organization.