First meeting of the Network of Networks of the Youth Forum 2016

More than one hundred young people plan to meet online to give an account of the activities accomplished at a national level by the distinct networks that make up the Youth Forum of the Americas.  

Following up on the Declaration of Youth of Panama 2015, the achieved progress was shared from April 2015 to the date: The Declaration of Indigenous Youth, Declaration of the “Youth United for Sustainable Development,” Youth Participation in the construction of the Inter-American Education Agenda and the Project “Accessible OAS.”

Since the Young Americas Business Trust brought together the young people of the hemisphere to be part of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States to develop in the month of June in the Dominican Republic. For that, they convened to accomplish follow up activities to the orders of the IV Forum at the local level and to present their results until Abril 20 for its complexity. All of the procedures will be complied in a report that will be presented to the representatives of the Member States in the Assembly.

As the method of work and an effective follow up , the execution of periodic activities was agreed on. To see the activities calendar visit