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Practical guide to create or improve your deliverables

24 de February, 1:00 PM*

Speaker: Luis Rubio, YABT staff, x

In this session, you will learn in a theoretical and practical way, how to create or improve the materials you need to move on to the next phase of the Eco-Challenge 2022, and take advantage of all its benefits. During the seminar, we will show you how to translate your business idea into a Business Model CANVAS, we will teach you how to make or improve your Business Plan, and you will also learn how to take your venture to the internet and have an online presence! Register today!


Maximize your impact with a successful Visual Portfolio

18 de February, 2:00 PM*

Speaker: Marcelo Almeida, Founder of Pocket Creative Lab, BOOT Camp

Participate in this webinar and learn attractive and effective ways to show all the activities, initiatives, products and services that your startup offers. Illustrate your innovative solutions and create extraordinary visual resources. Register now!

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