The entrepreneur of the month is Marcelo Wilkorwsky, CEO and co-founder of OINCS, a mobile  colaborative platform that helps citizens to safely move around their cities. The project was a 2016 TIC Americas finalist under the Startup category. This app allows to receive and share information in real time about crimes, robberies and transit, which results in a better city experience. His startup became the most downloaded app in Uruguay and hit the top 3 in more than 11 countries in Latin America.

MarceloMarcelo created OINCS at the end of 2013 in Uruguay. A mobile app carefully thought to protect and alert its users about everything that is happening around in terms of security and transit. The platform works thanks to the input of users that share and update information in real time for everyone’s benefit. Anyone can access the app and produce geolocalized reports about situations related to these topics.

YABT spoke to the founder about what differentiates his venture from others: “At first sight, OINCS could seem similar to other apps that use geo-referenced information over a map, but you will notice the differences when you get deeper. OINCS is not a navigation browser like Google Maps or Waze, it is a collaborative platform. The navigation capability is a functionality that we could include in the future, but OINCS was born after a joint spirit acknowledging the need of people to be connected and help each other to be better informed and alert of what is happening in their surroundings. It is not only about the status of traffic, but also about safety, something that all citizens are worried about.”

Additionally he said that “Users can share information in any moment, from anywhere, there is no need to be physically present where the incident took place. The most important thing for OINCS is that the shared information is relevant for everyone, this is different from a navigation tool where the most important information is only what happens around the individual at that exact time. There is no need to use OINCS while driving a vehicle. On the contrary, the reports can be generated by anyone, at any place and any time, as long as they have the intention to inform and add value to the rest of the community.” 

In regards to his startup’s impact in the region, Marcelo expressed: “With OINCS we have reached hundreds of thousands of people and inspired others to bring their projects to life. In my opinion, what I like the most is to connect people in an easy way, massively democratizing information by leveraging the use of technology with low costs and less resources, facilitating access to anyone willing to participate.”

OINCS has received numerous international awards like the “IDB Startup with Highest Growth Potential & Most Innovative Concept” at Demand Solutions Competition. Winner of the “IBM SmartCamp Competition” in Uruguay and the “Red Innova Challenge 2016” in Argentina. OINCS got as well the second place at the Ideas 4 Action Competition of the World Bank and Wharton School. Awardee of the CUTI award in the Smart Cities category and the prize to the Best Mobile App by Cámara de Tecnología de Uruguay.   

Marcelo considers himself as an entrepreneur since he was a kid, even before knowing what that word meant. “I have always had the initiative to create and make new stuff”, he affirmed. The founder of OINCS studied International Business (Magna Cum Laude) at Universidad de la Empresa de Uruguay, he earned an MBA from Universitat de Barcelona, as well as a Masters in Digital Marketing from Esden Business School and a Masters in Finances by IEBS Business School. As an entrepreneur his achievements include being selected as “Young Leader of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional fellow 2016”, “MIT Innovator Under 35”, as well as participating at Agora Partnerships 2016 in Managua, Nicaragua, and in Blackbox Connect 2015 in Palo Alto, USA.

Our entrepreneur of the month at YABT highlighted some of the virtues of an entrepreneurial leader: “I think it is about perseverance, tenacity, never letting your arms down, trusting yourself, being surrounded by good people, giving your best, and being open to learn something new everyday.”

We asked to this successful entrepreneur what he liked the best about participating in TIC Americas 2016 and he said: “Events like TIC Americas are unforgettable. You mingle with spectacular people, full of ideas and experiences that enrich you forever. Participating in TIC Americas meant an opportunity for me to continue getting in depth with the entrepreneuship ecosystem of our region, as well as knowing the trends and ideas that will be changing our lives in the years to come.”

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