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What started out as the final thesis for an Industrial Engineering degree, fueled by passion for technology and the automotive industry, turned into a profitable and successful business,

In 2009, Felipe Pacheco and Camilo Jímenez from Colombia, developed the first virtual community where customers can find everything they need for their vehicle. is in essence an information database, compiling information on all automobile needs, including location and contacts of local repair shops, availability of replacement parts, automotive advice through their online mechanics and repair shop. The value-add? A one-stop shop for all vehicle repair needs, including the advice of experts in automotive mechanics, online appointment set up and parts ordering system and guidance on the how's and why's of car repair.

And as modern entrepreneurs, have a vision for a business model that incorporates economic success and positive social impact: "The green sector is a challenge for everyone to take on and at the same time is a great opportunity; every company can achieve a successful internal policy on social responsibility…from the reduction of the carbon footprint, as does, to solutions and initiatives that are focused on a sustainable environment." – said Felipe Pacheco, the company's co-founder, when asked what advice he would give to other entrepreneurs regarding being greener as a business.

Winner of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in the 2009 edition of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas) in Honduras, is an excellent example of an entrepreneurial initiative that builds on existing concepts, adds an innovative approach and turns into a successful business model. "TIC Americas was the push that led my partner and I to decide to put on hold other activities and focus on developing the business" – says Felipe Pacheco. Today, the business has more than 10 partners, 150 providers, 2 years of revenue generation, capital investment of over US$200,000 and more than 3000 platform users. And as a next step, the founders are in the process of structuring further investment in excess of US$1,000,000 by December 2013.

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