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Make It Work, a business consulting firm from Argentina, is not just another start-up, but a result of a life-long passion for entrepreneurship. Providing services to both high-paying clients, Juan Pablo Gutierrez also does pro-bono and low-cost work, as part of his business model.

Juan Pablo began his entrepreneurship career in 2007 and like many, his first intents were fruitless. However, as characteristic of successfull entrepreneurs, he persisted in improving and catering his consulting services and in 2009 began working with Directorio Verde, the first online guide to ecologically sustainable products in Argentina. As part of the Directorio Verde team, he won the Best Social Entrepreneurship Award in the 2010 edition of TIC Americas in Peru: "Winning TIC Americas made me realize that I wanted to break that traditional and comfortable frontiers. I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur." For two more years he continued working with Directorio Verde, that took off after the win in Peru, receiving international recognition in Argentina, Sweden, Taiwan and Mongolia.

And in 2012, Juan Pablo launched his consulting firm, Make It Work. After experiencing what it was like to be an entrepreneur and having the formal training through a degree in Business Administration and an MBA, it was time for him to support other entrepreneurs and businesses in start-up and expansion. Right now the company is growing, slowly but surely.

As an expert in his field, Juan Pablo has been involved in a number of panels on the international level, including the OAS Youth Conference, in the Tenth Annual Youth Assembly for the Millennium Development Goals at the UN; he has also participated as a judge at the Talent and Innovation Challenges of the Americas (TIC Americas) 2012 organized by the YABT in Cartagena, Colombia, during the VI OAS Summit of the Americas.

But Juan Pablo is not only focusing on making revenue, Make It Work also works pro-bono and with low-paying customers on a regular basis. Why does he do it? Because the company's mission is to share knowledge and information and improve the competititivy in the region. Beginning with TIC Americas and every day interacting with more and more entrepreneurs in the Hemisphere, Juan Pablo believes inconstructing an unprecendented future for the region.

In an interview, we asked Juan Pablo to give his advice to other entrepreneurs: "They need to know that there is a difference between business and entrepreneurship. Doing business is investing capital and multiplying it… Being an entrepreneur has other motives and requires other skills: knowledge, capacity building, tenacity, patience and love."

In the next two years, Make It Work looks to begin its expansion stage and will have established itself as a leader in business consulting. Meanwhile, Juan Pablo is following his passion in bringing change to the region through being a successful entrepreneur and YABT looks forward to following his success.

T: +54.911.66152600

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