An excellent example of an entrepreneurial initiative that has successfully merged economic benefit with a positive social and economic impact, Recicla Electrónicos México, REMSA, is a Mexican company specializing in recycling electronic waste.

When Álvaro Núñez, the company's CEO, realized the negative impact of improperly disposing of electronic waste on the workers involved in the process and the environment, he saw an opportunity and created a company that ensures a safe and sustainable manner in which used electronics are dismantled, recycled and disposed of. REMSA separates the old tech into 4 components (plastic, metal, glass and tech parts) ensuring all hazardous materials, such as lead and other metals, are properly dealt with. The company then uses the materials to create a variety of products, such as toys, women's shoes and accessories.

Not only an environmentally friendly business, REMSA is a 100% Mexican company that works with local organizations that are involved in social inclusion to produce their merchandise as well as donate computers to schools in underprivileged communities. From local to international, as a TIC Americas 2012 finalist, the company had the opportunity for knowledge sharing on the hemispheric level. Álvaro Núñez highlighted when reflecting on his experience as a finalist: "One of the best experiences that has permitted the internationalization of REMSA's sustainability model in Latin America."

A graduate from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, Álvaro Núñez has spoken at conferences in the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, Rio+20 in Brazil, Electronics Goes Green in Germany and the Organization of American States. He has also written a number of books on entrepreneurship and publications on electronic waste. In addressing young entrepreneurs he says: "Keep in mind that the environmental problems faced by our planet today, can become a source of opportunities in that they require solutions, which with perseverance can be developed into sustainable business models."

Contact Information:
Tel: 01 800 707 36 72

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