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YABT named Barbara Vespa and Lore Tenuta, founders and editors of Revista Lima, as the entrepreneurs of the month (June 2014). The Revista Lima team was selected as a finalist in the Eco-Challenge category of TIC Americas 2012. Barbara and Lorena also participated in the YABT Eco-Entrepreneur program in 2013. After participating in this program, Revista Lima won the award in the "Social Responsibility Communication" category, initiative of William Petruccelli ⎯ a national competition organized by RSC, the first communication and solidarity radio station in Argentina. Moreover, Revista Lima managed to qualify for the finals of the national innovation competition, INNOVATE 2013, in Argentina.

This team of women entrepreneurs from Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded Revista Lima four years ago (to download its special anniversary edition, click here). Barbara and Lorena, Image and Sound Designers with degrees from the University of Buenos Aires, began Revista Lima as a personal blog. They soon began to realize their content quickly gaining popularity in social media outlets and decided to turn this hobby into a social enterprise. Revista Lima was thus conceived as an online magazine with information and audiovisual content that promotes ways to improve the quality of life on the planet and sustainable development. In line with its environmentally friendly philosophy, Revista Lima is only published online and subscriptions are free (to register, click here).

YABT asked Barbara and Lorena how they cope with work and still keep up with the success of Revista Lima as they are responsible for the vast majority of the content. Barbara explained that they produce the main content and have established agreements with freelance designers to exchange artwork for advertising space in its online magazine. Thanks to the sponsors of the advertising banners and to the promotion of events, they can ensure that readers have access to all content for free. They currently have 7,500 direct subscribers and their network includes approximately 160,000 users.

In the short-term, Barbara and Lorena expect to increase the customer portfolio of Revista Lima, thereby increasing their revenue in order to coordinate new initiatives to promote sustainable development among youth. In the long run, their ultimate goal is to make Revista Lima a benchmark for sustainable culture in Argentina, the Southern Cone and the rest of Latin America. In the meantime, they are developing an app for smartphones to attract more users.

YABT asked these entrepreneurs how TIC Americas and Eco-Entrepreneur impacted the business model of Revista Lima. Lorena replied that "TIC Americas was an enriching opportunity, many new ideas came up for Revista Lima when I went back home (...) thanks to the judges' feedback, we changed the format of Revista Lima from a catalog format into a more dynamic format where our articles can be more easily shared by our users". Similarly, Barbara asserted that the "Eco-Entrepreneur meant an injection of knowledge (...) we loved the fact that somewhere in the world, our project has an impact and outsiders motivate you to keep up with your efforts in sharing your project."

Finally, YABT seized the opportunity to ask timely advice of the young entrepreneurs who are beginning to implement their innovative ideas. Barbara recommended, based on her experience, that "any enterprise is a rollercoaster of emotions, it is important to do everything with passion (...) take advantage of YABT programs and soak up as much as possible from the participants. "

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