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Siphiwe Honey Gold Farm and Preserve was the idea of a 32-year-old agricultural science professor from the Bahamas. Raynard Burnside created an agro-ecotourism business focused on environmental education, which benefits rural farmers, local artisans and handicraft persons of Rum Cay Island.

After obtaining a degree of Bachelor of Science and a masters on Tropical Animal Science and Production in the University of West Indies, Raynard moved to Rum Cay Island to work on generating employment and contributing to the economical growth of the Islands, following his passion for agricultural science and thriving to be a part of transcendental changes for his community he came up with Siphiwe Honey Gold Farm and Preserve which pursues the objective of creating farm work experience, environmental education tours and partnerships with educational and research institutions to combat the decline of honeybee colonies.

Siphiwe Honey Gold Farm and Preserve is consolidated as a strong business proposal and fully supported by Burnside's adventurous and vivacious spirit, one that has shown to utterly believe in it, making it evident that perseverance and hard work lead to success.

Burnside's evident ability to give his utmost, rewarded him in TIC Americas 2012, where he won the Eco-Challenge award, and not so long after he assisted to the Youth Employment Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, in May 2012, where youth representatives from nongovernmental organizations and entrepreneurs came together to discuss upon ideas to engage on youth unemployment topics. Most recently, October 2012, he was schedule to attend the Launching Event of the Caribbean Innovation Challenge at Foromic Conference, of the Inter American Development Bank, in Barbados.

Burnside's recognized leadership actions have set an example of the word of entrepreneurship, clearly defining its context, as he continues to work fully on updating business ideas that intend to keep up with today's uprising market demands. Currently, Burnside is working on creating an Isoken Renewable Energy Reserve Farm, which will generate green renewable energy resources, involving the installation of low cost polyethylene Biodigester plant.

Burnside, explained on implementation of the Biodigester plant, highlighting some of the benefits that ought to come with the implementation of the Biodigester plant, "Products that will be produced at Isoken Renewable Energy Reserve Farm will include biogas (methane gas), and fertilizer. Isoken Renewable Energy Reserve Farm will mainly deal with producing electricity from this biogas as this is where the most income will come from." Said Raynard.

Siphiwe Honey Gold Farm and Preserve has envisioned future business opportunities in sustainability topics, leading its way to business success!

Raynard Burnside

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