Nextphenom celebrará Symposium en Las Bahamas

Washington D.C. United States, September 15 — NextPhenom founder Marques Williams is organizing Discover NextPhenom Symposium next October 29-30, 2015 in The Bahamas to feature its newest online mobile technology to promote Caribbean sportsmen and sportswomen.

The symposium is open to coaches, teachers, sports camp counselors, parents, athletes seeking further development and anybody who has an interest in developing a better sports industry for our young people. If you are interested in taking part, please register here.

NextPhenom.com is a new tech company that provides a unique platform that facilitates the promotion of amateur athletics throught video sharing and social networking. The fusion of creative technology solutions, innovative approaches and motivated management aims to ensure that NexPhenom identifies and produces exceptional sportsmen and sportswomen.

The design and functionality of the website will increase athletes visibility, credibility, social media content and engagement presented in a simple and easier method not available on any other website. The secure, protected and personal webpage for each athlete allows them to interact with other athletes, recruiters and coaches.

NextPhenom founder Marques Williams, has already started signing up athletes on the prototype webpage.  These athletes are primarily living in the Caribbean where he believes he has the greatest opportunity to showcase athletes through a more prominent and analytical digital platform.

“This region produces more Olympic medalists per capita than anyplace in the world. We need to harness our potential that we have and find even more ways to expose those talents”, asserted NextPhenom Founder Marques Williams.

Marques Williams, has already achieved international recognition after NextPhenom.com was selected as one of the 32 finalists, out of over 2,730 international entrants, in the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas).  The Talent and Innovation Competition in the Americas is an international entrepreneurship platform and a business accelerator for young entrepreneurs led by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) with the support of the Organization of American States (OAS). The X edition of TIC Americas  was held this year in Panama, April 2015 in the framework of the VII Summit of the Americas.  

After TIC Americas, Wanda Fisher, YABT board member, has mentored Marques Williams to refine the branding and business model of NextPhenom while organizing the sports symposium in The Bahamas. Moreover, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism signed on to support NextPhenom in strategic alignment through the Grand Bahamas sports tourism initiatives. Finally, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture is ready to launch a drive to website campaign with hopes to increase the number of young Bahamian athletes to sign up now on NextPhenom.

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