Activity Log and follow-up of the III Young America Forum’s Commitment Declaration for the 6th Summit of the Americas

Washington D.C., March 26, 2014 − In April 2012, a group of young leaders convened by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) actively participated in the Young Americas Forum, the participation channel for young people to contribute to the Sixth Summit of the Americas process in Cartagena, Colombia. United by a dream of increased prosperity and opportunities in the Americas, we formed the Youth Network of the Americas, aiming to create a moderated follow up mechanism to young people's commitments. To know more about the process, read more.

Almost two years have passed, and these same leaders are preparing an interim evaluation of their performance, and of the changing context in which they operate. We therefore invite all people and organizations involved in youth issues to report on their accomplishments. The goal of the reporting is to map and log activities that support the commitments that were made in the last Summit of the Americas, in Cartagena.

If you or your organization is active in public affairs and supports opportunities for youth, please fill in our survey. We are particularly interested in evidence of actions that support the Cartagena commitments in the following categories:

  • (1) Poverty and Inequality;
  • (2) Citizen Security;
  • (3) Natural Disasters;
  • (4) Access and use of Technology.

We invite you to be part of this action-oriented report by contributing to the activity log by April 6, accessible here.

On behalf of the Young Americas Forum, we thank you for your commitment to prosperity in the Americas and for the creation of better opportunities for the youth in the Western Hemisphere. Join the Youth Network of the Americas from the YABTLinks Community

For more information, please contact us through Edgar Maestre via email or Andres Dominguez,

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