“The proposals are being submitted to Member States for their consideration”

Washington D.C., August 13, 2015 – The Education Minister of the Government of Panama and the President of the Inter-American Committee on Education (CIE), Marcela Paredes de Vasquez, mentioned the contributions made by youth to the construction of the Inter-American Education Agenda at the Annual Meeting of the American Council for Integral Development (CIDI).

"The Inter-American Commission on Education through its Technical Secretariat has agreed, at the request of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), to one of the mandates of the Youth Forum of the Americas. This is: incorporating the views of young people in the Inter-American Committee on Education" said the President of the CIE.

"Therefore, to gather input on what they want to contribute, the Technical Secretariat of the CIE and the YABT developed a virtual consultation to identify how youth in the hemisphere should be involved to contribute to the Inter-American Education Agenda. The proposals are being submitted to Member States for their consideration" said Paredes.

The Education Minister of Panama said that since 2014 the Inter-American Committee on Education has been working on defining and creating a hemispheric vision of education as an area of political dialogue and inter-American cooperation.

"Ministers of Education of Member States have been in a participatory manner defining strategies of inter-American cooperation in the areas of quality education with inclusion and equity, enhancing the professional development of teachers and comprehensive care in early childhood" said the President of the CIE.

This was the basis for the construction of the Inter-American Education Agenda, in which the young participants of the IV Young Americas Forum made their contributions through a specially developed virtual consultation that established a channel of participation. This resulted in a report that was shared to Member States for their consideration, after being presented in July in Cambridge before the ministers of Education that form the CIE in the "Day of Reflection and Coordination: Towards Building an Inter-American Education Agenda relevant to the Educational Development of the Americas”.

The next topic to discuss will be "Entrepreneurial Education", the results of which will be a part of the "Young Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Sustainable Growth”. This is an event that precedes the flagship event on youth and entrepreneurship at the Annual Meetings of the World Bank/IMF in Lima, Peru.

To be part of this process, tell your story as an entrepreneur on Twitter using #YouthBiz

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