"The OAS considers essential all your efforts to ensure more rights for the people"

Washington D.C., United States, September 25, 2015 - “We want to broad your participation and optimize the collaboration tools with all of you. In order to do so, we are currently doing a consultation throughout the hemisphere, in order to collect all your comments and recommendations” H.E. Luis Almagro said.

This consultation is a space for participation to all civil society organizations. It allows the OAS to continue with the work started at the Labour Forum held by the civil society, social actors, and the General Secretariat of the OAS. Taking place in the past August 31st, this forum was a productive event, which the Young Americas Business Trust raised the voice of the hemisphere’s youth.

The Labour Forum aimed to improve the relations and channels of participation between the civil society in the activities organized by the OAS. The Labour Agenda was divided into different groups. The first group worked on the exchange of information between the OAS and the civil society through studies, testimonials, papers, conferences, etc.

They also worked on the participation of the civilsociety organizations inside the events of the OAS. The current ways of participation were discussed, taking into consideration the regulations and mandates of the OAS on this purposes.

The second group was in charge of analyzing the technical collaboration between the civil society and the OAS. They examined current and past modalities of technical collaboration of the civil society in different activities of the OAS. They also shared opinions and proposals to develop and maximize this collaboration.

Another group engaged into the task of thinking and proposingnew means of interaction between the OAS and civil society Organizations. They were based on the recommendations issued by this sector during the last years.

In this Forum, it was officially demanded for the Young Americas Forum to be incorporated into the OAS as a certified space for youth participation in the Frame of the Summit of the Americas.

The different groups issued recommendations and proposed new ways of exchange to improve the participation of civil society organizations in every area of the OAS. Therefore, the General Secretary provides a new participation channel to reinforce these proposals and to get recommendations regarding the relationship between the OAS and the civil society.

To participate in the Virtual Discussion, follow this link: http://bit.ly/1V5PTDt  

Message from the Secretary General to Civil Society from OAS/OEA TV on Vimeo.

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