The Americas Youth presented their Recommendations at the 44th OAS General Assembly

Asuncion, Paraguay, June 3, 2014 - Miss Clara Maria Berendsen was elected as the spokesperson of the Youth Dialogue to present the Youth Recommendations to the Heads of Delegation, the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General during the Civil Society Dialogue, which took place on June 3 as an activity within the framework of the 44th General Assembly (OAS GA) of the Organization of American States.

Miss Berendsen had the opportunity to present the contributions discussed during the Youth Dialogue. YABT provided an open space for the youth of the Americas to interact and analyze possible solutions and initiatives related to the OAS GA: Development with Social Inclusion.

The Youth Dialogue began on Sunday June 1 with the Round Table in the Central Bank of Paraguay, where the panelists emphasized examples of youth-led projects, exchanged points of views, and discussed new ideas follow-up many of the topics that are being worked by the III Young Americas Forum. Also, the main components of the first Progress Report of the Cartagena Action Plan under the III Youth Forum of the Americas were presented.

After the plenary session, the young attendees from different countries established a round-table to discuss and develop an executive report with the results of the debate. This document was aim to be presented at the OAS GA. Among the candidates to represent the youth at the General Assembly, there were finalists, volunteers and TIC Americas 2014 attendees. After an open and transparent voting process, Maria Clara Berendsen Pereira, a 17-year-Uruguayan Paraguayan nationality, was elected as the Youth spokesperson.

YABT had the occasion to ask Maria Clara how was she and her team preparing the Declaration to be presented at the Civil Society Dialogue, she answered the following: : "The summary our discussion will be divided into three parts: First of all, we will present the priorities of the Youth in the Americas. Secondly, we will request that the youth should be included as participants in public policy making in our countries and ask for entrepreneurs to be included in all social sectors. Finally, we intend to expand the existing network to continue fostering this kind of dialogue and bringing people around the country [Paraguay]". Finally, Miss Maria Clara added, "There were many young people who came from rural areas in my country and they were not aware of this initiative."

"YABT is committed to the Youth of our Hemisphere to continue working with them and with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States and other international bodies, to create and facilitate opportunities for youth participation as they have been in the Youth Dialogues TIC Americas and the Youth Forum of the Americas. These two platforms are created to present the contributions of young people in the processes of the OAS General Assemblies and the Summits of the Americas, respectively, " asserted Valerie Lorena Executive Director YABT on June 3 during the Civil Society Dialogue.

The Civil Society Dialogue is one of the first activities carried out within the framework of every OAS GA, in which representatives of the civil society (this includes the following: social activists, the private sector representatives, trade unionists and the youth). These actors present their recommendations directly to the governments of the Member States of the OAS along with the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General.

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Source: Press Office, OAS

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