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Queretaro, Mexico - July 22, 2016. The Tecnologico Monterrey University, in its Queretaro Campus, opened its doors on July 21 to receive the 10 finalists of the EcoMarkerCallenge. These finalists were selected after a thorough process that took several months and included more than 100 environmental entrepreneurs from Mexico.

EcoMarkerCamp was the event supported by the Young American Business Trust (YABT). It gathered all the finalist of the competition in order to provide training and mentoring that helped them develop skills for prototyping and modeling initiatives that respond with innovative solutions to the negative effects of climate change.

Girasol- Solar Enpowerment, was the winning project of the EcoMarkerChallenge. Girasol is the first marketplace and crowdfundig platform for solar projects in Mexico. It connects costumers with professional installers and environment-friendly investors. The leaders of this Mexican startup will have the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley to scale up and have international visibility as part of the follow up process for the winners of the challenge.

At the opening ceremony, Valerie Lorena, Executive Director of YABT, presented EcoMarkerShop with the NexLinks Certification.  It was received by the leader and founder of EcoMakerShop, Alvaro Nunez Solis, who is also the founder of Remsa-Recycling of Electronics, finalist of YABT’s Eco-Challenge 2012 in Colombia. 

“We exhort EcoMakerShop to continue this extraordinary work in Mexico by supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability” said Valerie Lorena after awarding the Certification.

Queretaro is a world leader in aeronautics and the third Mexican city with most promising future in the country (2015/ 2016). It is also the home of EcoMarkerShop, a platform that fosters innovation and offers inspirational programs that help understand technologies and their applications in solving problems that Mexico is currently facing.

“The way of doing business also impacts the environment. It can contribute to stop climate change and we want Queretaro to become a center of innovation in these kinds of issues" said Alvaro Nunez Solis, during the EcoMakerCamp ceremony. 

YABT reaffirms its support for environment innovation by implementing others initiatives like Eco-Challenge as well as other entrepreneurs with ideas that point toward sustainability. In association with PepsiCo, YABT develops every year the Eco-Challenge, a special category of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas). This is a hemispheric platform for entrepreneurship and a business accelerator for young entrepreneurs that provides access to training opportunities, support, seed capital, support networks and business growth. Since 2009 Eco-Challenge has supported 7,670 innovative projects led by youth.

“Take advantage of the tools and the contacts that you already have, this will enable you to carry out your current and future endeavors, local organizations like EcoMakerShop and international organizations like YABT will continue to support you” concluded Valerie Lorena in her speech.


About EcoMakerChallenge

EcoMakerChallenge: "Innovative Solutions to Climate Change," is an open challenge for innovative initiatives focused on identifying opportunities and/or resolving priority issues of the national public agenda. The challenge "Innovative Solutions to Climate Change" aims to inspire and make a call to action to the creative entrepreneurship spirit of the population as a whole, with an emphasis on young people who want to generate a sustainable impact.



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