Entrepreneurial Capacity Building in Ecuador

Coca, Ecuador, March 23st, 2016 – The Young Americas Business Trust Ecuador (YABT Ecuador) and the Consortium of Municipalities of the Amazon and Galapagos (COMAGA) have entered into a cooperation agreement. The event was carried out in the Amazonian Museum Cultural Center in the city of Coca, the capital of the Francisco de Orellana province in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The agreement was signed by Saúl Cárdenas, President of COMAGA; Martha Hurtado, Executive Director of YABT Ecuador; and Ambassador Diego Abente Brun, Representative of the OAS in Ecuador, as a witness of honor. The mayors and representatives of the 46 municipal governments of the Amazon and Galapagos were present.

The objective of the said agreement is to conduct a joint effort for the development and implementation of programs and activities, under the subscription of the specific agreements with each of the municipalities, whose general objective is the training of people of the Amazon region with entrepreneurial skills, to mitigate the poverty in each of the cantonal jurisdictions, complementing the Central Government’s strategy to change the production model.

“As part of the new production model that the government implements is essential training for the creation of new businesses. This agreement opens the door for additional specific agreements that respond to the situation of each jurisdiction,” expressed Martha Hurtado, representative of YABT  Ecuador. 

Interested young people can get more information about the training seminars and counseling activities that occur in each of the Ecuadorian cantons through the official sites of each government agency as well as through our activity billboard.


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