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Virtually, a world of opportunities

Starting out in Chihuaha, Mexico, this entertainment content designer for mobile devices went from a basement start-up to 300 million downloads in the Nokia Store in only 7 years. Inode Entertainment is a tech company that integrates social responsibility and vision within its business model, while delivering excellent content to its consumers.

The idea for Inode Entertainment came from the dream of creating and sharing content that would showcase Latin American culture. From the beginning, 99.9% of the content produced by the company was free, with the margin to be changed shortly to raise revenue; however the business was able to become sustainable through a partnership with the Nokia store. A partnership that has proven to be greatly successful: in the beginning 2011, Inode had 1 million downloads at the store, by the end of the year they were at 35 million and were congratulated by the Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, 6 months later – 100 million downloads. But they didn’t stop there and by this year tripled that number to 300 million downloads, becoming a serious competitor with similar material from Disney, Google and Facebook.

A TIC Americas 2009 finalist in Honduras, Inode Entertainment’s CEO, Jaime Enriquez told YABT in an interview: “[TIC Americas] had a strong impact. Knowing that from hundreds of projects ours was selected to be in the finals was one of the first validations that our business had a future.” He also mentioned the importance of building their network with international entrepreneurs and guests at the event.

Inode Entertainment is an excellent example of a successful and innovative young entrepreneur, but also a responsible one. Already having been part of a positive social impact, by volunteering as an organization and generating training and knowledge transfer to local students, the company has an ambitious plan for the future. Having three principle projections, Inode looks to continue working towards opening doors for Latin American professionals and positioning the region as a strong player in creative content; construct partnerships with the government and other institutions to improve the quality of life for the society; and create a platform for digital content producers to use as a store and generate revenues. “In a way, we look to put in our dime to create new forms of work, where a person can be independent and improve their quality of life.”

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