Young people present recommendations at the OAS General Assembly

Quintana Roo, Mexico, June 26, 2017 - The finals of the 12th edition of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas) hosted theYouth Dialoguein the framework of the 47th General Assembly of the Organization of the States (OAS), taking place in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, on June 18 in a hotel complex in thee city. The dialogue gathered around 28 young people who had the opportunity to exchange points of view and criteria on issues under the main subjects of this occasion, which were: Economic Development, Human Rights, and Culture of Peace.

The Youth Dialogue - framed within the Young Americas Forum - provided a space for young people in the region to hold an open discussion on these issues, as part of the program of virtual and face-to-face consultations that took place since April 20 of 2017, attracting more than 800 young people from all over the Western Hemisphere.

The activity began with the words of Edgar Maestre, Program Director for Latin America forthe Young Americas Business Trust (YABT); Andrea del Río, Coordinator of Programs and Communications of the Commission for Youth and Sports of Quintana Roo (COJUDEQ); TirsoOrdaz Coral, Dean of the University of the Caribbean; and Eugenio Bidondo Echeverría, Director of YABT Uruguay.

A brief introduction was made by Teresa González García, Program Officer for YABT, and United Nations Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, through a presentation that highlighted the importance of the SDGs in the topics addressed in the Dialogue. She also encouraged young people to work in promoting the SDGs in their communities.        

The dialogue facilitators were Eugenio Bidondo, Director of YABT Uruguay and Ramón OlivasGastelum, Representative of the OAS Open Government Fellowships Program, who were responsible for directing the session’s methodology, in collaboration with COJUDEQ moderators that collectedcontributions from the young people’s work tables.

On this occasion, a young woman, María Emilce Olazábal, from Argentina was appointed as spokesperson to present the report on youth participation at the 47th OAS General Assembly the following day. She shared the contributions of youth during the Dialogue between Heads of Delegations, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General, as well as Civil Society and other Social Actors. This was followed by a space for discussion among OAS Member States and the different civil society groups and social actors, addressing the points raised earlier by the spokespersons.

María Emilce shares her testimony with us:

"Last June, I had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Dialogue, where a very interesting debate emerged around the topic that was convened at our table: Human Rights, based on the executive summary prepared after previous face-to-face and virtual consultations. We were able to conclude the importance of institutions within the rule of law, respect for men and women from a comprehensive axiological view, and the reality of immigration. Once the conclusions were closed, I was elected by the members of the table as areporter and later as spokesperson for all the youth delegates. That is how on June 19, in the space that the General Assembly envisages for the Civil Society and Social Actors Dialogue with the Secretary General and representatives of the States, I read the summary that condensed the concerns presented by the young people. For me it was a great joy and privilege to have the opportunity to speak in this forum and I hope to be able in the future to contribute more and better to the good of the Americas and, above all, of us the young people.”

To read the report with the contributions of young people in the 47th OAS General Assembly, access:

- Full report (Spanish): Click HERE

- Photograph album: Click HERE

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