Exchange of good practices with entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mexico

Washington DC, February 4, 2016 – The dynamism of the business sector in Mexico awakened the interest of other nations to understand the factors that influence its growing economic activity. The second most populated country in Latin America will receive for the period of one week the Entrepreneurship Experiences Exchange Mission, an initiative driven by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT). The program includes a tour through the States of Querétaro, Aguascalientes, Jalisco y México between the 29 of February and the 4 of March of this year.

The Mission intends to generate exchange spaces of good practices and remarkable experiences, creating collaboration opportunities to boost programs and initiatives of entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development. The Mission has as strategic partners the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá (CCB), and YABT partnerships in Mexico such as: The Monterry Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)), Campus Guadalajara; EcoMakerShop , the Competitiveness and Innovation Center of the State of Aguascalientes (Centro de Competitividad e Innovación del Estado de Aguascalientes (CECOI)), among others.

The program is open to representatives of business, academic, entrepreneurship centers, start-ups and business organizations support entities. The delegates of the Mission will be able to learn different business support models adapted to emerging sectors of the local/regional economies of Mexico.

Some of the motives for which Mexico was the country selected to develop this technological Mission is that in the last years said country maintained a constant growth of its total rates of the Early Entrepreneurial Activity (Actividad Empresarial Temprana (TEA)). A study of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in its 2014 edition establishes that the growth has reached 19% of the adult population and that that rate is now above the average of the Latin American countries (17.6%) This flattering picture is seen reflected in the growth of the GDP of Mexico in the last years, projected 3.2% for the year 2016, and 3.5% for the 2017, reported by the Global Economic Prospect of the World Bank (Prospecto Económico Global del Banco Mundial).

“Mexico has turned into a global center of services and emerging sectors engine for the economy of the region, such as: aviation, automotive, telecommunications, among others; product of constant productive transformation and commitment to innovation,” declared Valerie Lorena, Executive Director of the YABT, and native of Querétaro, México.

The Mission lies within the framework of the NexLinks Regional Program of the YABT, focused on the creation of mechanisms and tools to support entrepreneurs in the initial and expansion phases of their businesses. NexLinks has consolidated a regional network of entrepreneurship and business development centers, facilitating the collaboration and the exchange of experiences at a regional and global level.

“We also looked at how entrepreneurship has turned into a solutions engine for the daily problems of society, consolidating ecosystems increasingly strengthened and articulated to leverage those start-ups and promising businesses, above all of the youths,” underscored Lorena.

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