National dialogue with the youth in Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay, February 26, 2015 — Last Tuesday February 24, 2015, the National Youth Dialogue in Uruguay took place in Montevideo, Uruguay. This dialogue was organized by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT Uruguay) with support of the Office of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Uruguay, Panama’s Embassy in Uruguay, the Office for the Southern Cone of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR), the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy (RLJD). This dialogue is part of the IV Young Americas Forum’s process, an official activity of the VII Summit of the Americas to be held in Panama in April, 2015.

Foro Uruguay participantes

Mr. Ricardo Dominguez, Director of the Office of the OAS in Uruguay; Eugenio Bidondo, National Coordinator YABT Uruguay; Ms. Soledad García Muñoz, Director of the Regional Office of the IIHR; and Mr. Anselmo Castro, Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Uruguay took part in the opening ceremony of this dialogue.

The event brought together 27 young leaders from different institutions and different localities in Uruguay. Seventy percent of attendees are from the national capital of Uruguay (Montevideo), while the remaining 30 percent of the participants came from five departments of Uruguay (Flores, Canelones, Durazno, Cologne and Soriano).

Young people are active members of the following organizations: JCI, JCI Uruguay, IIHR, Faculty of Law from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, the Agrarian Youth Movement, AIESEC Uruguay, RLJD, National Party, and YABT Uruguay.

The choice of the topics was made entirely and exclusively by the participants, forming three committees on the following topics: Prosperity with Equity, Education and Environment.

YABT member Federico Pereira moderated the education committee. Participants in this working group concluded that there is an existing need to sharpen the link between schools and families, as the main educational component of the people’s education is the family. Also, they suggested that it is important to foster and encourage the continuous training of educators to adapt their methodologies to the needs of each student.

JCI representative Carlos Parisi moderated the environment committee. The main findings of the young people in the committee are based on the increasing importance of awareness campaigns on the subject, with the introduction in educational curricula, as well as the strengthening of volunteering through civil society organizations. Finally, they concluded that there is an urgent need to create a Ministry of the Environment and to increase coordination among in the environmental regulations and employability criteria in determining the balance between development and sustainability when starting new companies in the region.

RLJD Representative Felipe Algorta moderated the workshop “Prosperity with Equity”. Equality is equal access to opportunities and this requires differentiated policies for social asymmetries so that all of us can succeed. Volunteering emerged as an element of commitment on the part of young people to encourage good practices and to become of the governments to fulfill the mandates of the VII Summit of the Americas.

After the sub-groups ended, plenary order took place where participants gave a summary of the conclusions in each committee. YABT member Martin Lescano, Executive Vice President of JCI Victor Machin and RLJD representative Felipe Algorta moderated the session.

If you have not participated in a regional, national or local dialogue, we invite you to share your thoughts with us about the themes of the VII Summit, through the virtual consultation:

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