I4A Finalists’ participation in the VII Summit of the Americas

Washington DC, April 27, 2015 —The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) partnered with Wharton Business School and the World Bank to promote and encourage participation in the Ideas For Action Competition (I4A) among young people in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

YABT has thorough experience in planning and implementing entrepreneurship competitions that have involved more than 30,000 young people over the past 7 years in Latin America and the Caribbean. By promoting the Ideas For Action Competition, YABT sought to involve young people from the LAC region in the definition of the 2015 post-development agenda and linked this process to the VII Summit of the Americas.

YABT led the process of youth participation in the VII Summit of the Americas through the IV Young Americas Forum (IV Forum). In this context, 19% of the 1,500 participants that took part in the I4A came from 16 countries in the Americas.

The IV Forum took place on April 8-9 as an official activity of the Summit of the Americas. Its aim was to provide a space for young people of the Americas to work on a Youth Declaration and showcase best practices of the Summit’s subthemes. In doing so, three finalists of the I4A Competition took part in the IV Forum. Their projects tackled two of the subthemes of the VII Summit: Education & Environment and Energy.

The first one was Lorena Julio, founder of Comparlante. Comparlante is a website that provides audio books in 15 languages.  In the long term, Lorena seeks to incorporate audio books in indigenous tongues to preserve the languages that have managed to survive in the Americas. Comparlante solves the problem of access to education and information for visually impaired people and people with reduced vision through the use of new technologies, establishing itself as an accessible and comprehensive tool that meets the needs of today’s society.

Moreover, Mrs. Julio represented youth of the Americas by presenting the results of the “Youth Declaration” during the Forum between Civil Society and the Heads of State prior to the VII Summit.

Wilder Sandoval, founder of Eco-Vida, proposed a solution to recycle and reutilize PET post-consumption by fabricating writing desks for classrooms in schools from rural areas of Nicaragua. In doing so, Eco-Vida aims to increase the access to furniture of low-income communities by substituting wood as its main construction material. Eco-Vida resulted the winner of the Eco-Challenge Special Award for Central America.

Finally, Ivonne Zulema Prado Barros and José Roberto Ardila from Colombia proposed a playful methodology to promote environmental education and raise awareness of climate change among kids. Eco-Tamina is a game that seeks to generate a change in one’s mindset on how we perceive our lifestyle and how our actions have a negative impact on the natural balance of the planet Earth. This game is already available for iOS, Android and Microsoft.  Eco-Tamina was a finalist in the Eco-Challenge category within TIC Americas. 

The I4A Competition accompanies young leaders and innovators by encouraging them to develop and share their ideas regarding the financing challenges that the post-2015 development agenda demands. Young people, committed to their realities, are the human capital that will carry forward the sustainable development of the region.

Meet the winners of the I4A: http://www.zicklincenter.org/#!final/crhv

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