TIC Americas’s Social Media Champions for 2014

Washington D.C., April 30 2014 — The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) congratulates all participating teams of TIC Americas 2014 for using Social Media as their means to promote their project, business ideas and TIC Americas.

We are pleased to highlight the impressive job of three participating teams for this Edition of TIC Americas in promoting their business profiles.on FaceBook and Twitter: Greenetics with 10,548 likes, Innopor with 9,027 likes, and Revista Lima with 7,051 likes.

On a recent call we made to congratulate the teams on their hard work, we took the opportunity to ask them what communications strategies they implemented to convey the message of their project in a way that was effective and, well-received by the general public.

Marco Rivadeneira from Greenetics explained that the university where he completed his MBA helped him significantly by connecting him with various student networks through Social Media. He was also introduced to partners from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Argentina, who supported him in spreading his project idea. In addition, Marco subscribed to a number of websites that promote eco-projects and climate change initiatives in both the private and public sphere thereby raising awareness of his initiative. His impact on Social Media was so significant that representatives from the local government in Ecuador have reached out to Marco to explore ways to partner with Greenetics.

Diego F. Blandón from Innopor described how his family, friends and acquaintances played a major role in promoting his project through social networks. According to Diego, more than multiplying his likes on Facebook, he was seeking to share his project's mission and vision with as many people as possible in order to raise awareness in Colombia on the impact of waste treatment. Similarly, Diego noted that the publication of pictures and videos was key in his communications strategy to be effective and appealing to social media users. Finally, Diego added that he incorporated an image of YABT's Eco-Challenge to attract more attention from potential stakeholders.

Bárbara Vespa from Revista Lima spoke to us about how they were able to achieve such popularity thanks to the use of a diverse range of social networks. According to Bárbara, Revista Lima is hyper active on its Twitter account to the point that they publish a video, article, image or funny fact every 30 minutes. She explained that the idea is to keep an interactive network between Revista Lima and its followers, stating, "if people make a comment, we reply them back immediately". What is more, Revista Lima has more than 160,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletters, with approximately 2,000 people logging in everyday. She concluded by saying that the best way to manage social media is through Google Analytics.

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