InnovAcción in Panama for Institutions

August 25, 2015- Panama City, Panama- The world begins to provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs. After a week of training, the Panama InnovAcction Regional Workshop “Innovation Management” held at the Innovation Center of the City of Knowledge has concluded. A total of 30 participants from different professions and sectors attended the workshop; participants came from Panama, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua and Spain.

This workshop was possible due to the technical cooperation between the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the Government of Israel, through Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and the International Training Center Golda Meir Mount Carmel (MCTC) and with the Innovation Center of the City of Knowledge, a local strategic partner.

“This workshop broke major paradigms and the objective of acquiring new tools to manage innovation and take risks in new territories was achieved”, said Brenda Isabel Rodriguez, a participant from Mexico.

The methodology was theoretical and practical, highlighted by the use of management methods and innovative ideas in teamwork. Thus, they relied on resources and tools like Business Canvas, elevator pitch, Scamper, value curves, and others to determine if the business idea was feasible, and based on this analysis, begin the process of innovation of the product or service.

Samuel Vasquez, participant from Panama, said: “I was impressed as the workshop unfolded in a practical and functional way, where concepts were clarified, constructive criticism to improve our products was given, and step by step guidance to innovate the product that we thought was already finished.”

The companies that presented their products to the Panel of Experts and investors were: Coco sheets (based on transforming coconut fiber sheet for suspended ceilings); Lad-Innova (proposed creating a block of cement and plastic for housing construction); Handy Plastic (replaced wood as raw material, post-consumer plastics for the manufacture of furniture); and KEAI (an App dedicated to tourism and feedback from the users). The panel consisted of Mr. Marco Salas, Demetrio Javier Diaz and Antonio Arias, which afterwards chose the projects they wanted to invest in.

The closing ceremony of the workshop had the participation of representatives of the OAS, YABT, City of Knowledge and the Israeli Embassy in Panama, who recognized the outstanding work done by the participants and the impending  teaching  capabilities of MCTC instructors Solomon (Lalo) Vilensky and Iehoshua Levi; handing out certificates for their participation in the workshop.

For more information, please contact YABT through Edgar Maestre,

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