YABT and ANU-RD/FUNGLODE begin training on Microentreprise Support Systems

Santo Domingo, June 11, 2014 – The Dominican Republic has stand out among its Caribbean brethren for creating a more competitive environment for enterprises and hence turning its economy more dynamic and productive. In this context, the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), the Dominican Association of the United Nations (UNA-DR) and Global Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE) will carry out a Workshop "Support Microenterprise Systems " in Santo Domingo from June 9 through June 13, 2014.

This workshop is taking place in FUNGLODE and takes part within the framework of Nex Links Regional Program " Young Entrepreneur Follow-up Networks" of YABT. Nex Links focuses on the creation tools to support young entrepreneurs in phases starting and enlarging their businesses. This workshop aims to transfer new tools and methodologies to strengthen local support offer to accompany and accelerate the consolidation of micro, especially those driven by young people, while generating the exchange of experiences between the Dominican Republic and Israel.

A total of thirty-two people are participating in this workshop. These participants have been selected a thorough process done by the organizers. This group is comprised of professionals/managers of business development institutions from different sectors, and young entrepreneurs with business with a high added value.

Maya Jansson, YABT Strategic Partnerships Officer participated in the Opening Ceremony and asserted: "(...) the importance of creating free spaces where young people have the opportunity to speak and train themselves as future leaders ... with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, guided by the principles of sustainability. " Similarly, representatives of ANU-RD, OAS, ITLA and Metro Group took part in the opening of the workshop.

Mr. Marcelo Firstman and Mr. David Boruszek, both specialists International Training Center-Golda Meir Mount Carmel (MCTC) of Haifa, Israel, are currently leading the training sessions. Thanks to the International Technical Cooperation signed between the YABT and the State of Israel, Dominican Republic was defined as one of the priority countries and beneficiaries by 2014.

At the Opening Ceremony Metro Group CEO Dr. Luis Jose Asilis, inspired all participants by sharing his past experiences as an entrepreneur for past 29 years, noting, by confessing the following: "(...) To be successful, we must work hard, sleep little, have clear goals, have vision, anticipation, planning and execution (...) and above all, do good to others. " Moreover, ANU-RD Executive Director Mr. Emil Chireno, affirmed: "I'm sure this workshop will change them forever," referring to the Workshop in which participants are currently participating.

During the training week, both trainers along with the rest of participants will address the following topics: types of businesses and priorities, construction and joint support, guidance systems, financial instruments, microenterprises leverage, and so forth. All this tops will be touch on through methods supported during plenary sessions and working group discussions, while sharing success stories of the Israeli model.

For more information, contact Maya Jansson in YABT, via E-Mail: maya.jansson@yabt.net. For cooperation opportunities with YABT programs in the Americas, please contact YABT Executive Director, Valerie Lorena, via E-Mail: VLorena@oas.org.

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