YABT and the DHDE-OAS work together to push forward the Education Agenda

Washington DC, United States, April 27th, 2015 - On Friday, April 24th, the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) held a meeting with the Department of Human Development and Education (DDHE) to present the results of the IV Young Americas Forum (IV Forum) while the DDHE presented results of the I Forum of Rectors with the aim of establishing joint actions in the field of education - one of the central themes of the VII Summit of the Americas.

At that meeting, YABT presented the work done with youth in the eight months prior to the IV Forum in the framework of activities of the VII Summit of the Americas. They also highlighted the main recommendations of the Education Working Group within the IV Forum.

Young participants of the IV Forum seek to ensure universal education, from kindergarten to university, of the highest quality, free, multicultural, pluralistic and innovative, to prepare them to face the challenges as future leaders of the Western Hemisphere. Understanding this, they agreed in a post-2015 agenda with the following priorities:

1. Create and implement a space for continuous participation in the Inter-American Commission on Education in order to present proposals and that the heads of Ministries of Education establish a methodology to ensure the inclusion of our recommendations stated at the IV Young Americas Forum.

2. Ensure free preschool, primary, secondary and higher education as a fundamental human right, as well as the creation of specialized programs for literacy, vocational education and entrepreneurship as public policy, aiming to reduce social gaps and building a continent with equity.

3. Ensure pedagogical models that target the development of an integral human being, promoting critical and creative thinking, renovating the teaching-learning process and including the participation of all social sectors.

4. Promote, strengthen and universally underline public and secular education systems that include young people in vulnerable situations: indigenous, Afro-descendants, native population, disabled, LGBTI.

5. That governments create and implement comprehensive plans for sexual and reproductive education.

6. Reduce the technology gaps in urban and rural areas. Strengthen and link education systems with national and regional scientific research centers.

7. Promote incentives for continuous and qualitative teacher training to improve the working environment of the educational communities.

For more information on the Youth Declaration of Panama, click here.

The DDHE presented the main points they worked in the I Forum of Rectors, a parallel activity of the IV Forum within the framework of activities of the VII Summit in Panama. Many of the recommendations match with those proposed by youth. This meeting promotes that both parts work together and enhance the chance of developing a strategic agenda to push forward, avoiding duplicity of efforts and enriching the know-how of each organization.

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote and implement programs that encourage entrepreneurship in the Americas to fight against poverty and seek better opportunities for youth.

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