YABT and MASHAV Announce International Program for the Development of Microenterprises in Israel

Washington, D.C. – Microenterprises are considered an engine for economic growth and the creation of jobs in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Israel is one of the pioneering countries in offering a consolidated support to Microenterprises. The International Course "Microenterprises Support Systems" is organized by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the State of Israel. By the end of the course, participants will get a better picture of how to start, manage, overcome obstacle, and expand business effectively. This course will take place in Haifa-Israel, from May 19 to June 13 2014.

This course, which was conceived within the framework of the Technical International Cooperation between YABT, the Israeli Agency of International Cooperation for Development (MASHAV), and Mount Carmel Training Center (MCTC), is aimed at professionals are involved in programs on entrepreneurship, youth, and business development in the public, private, and academic sectors.

The main objectives of this course are to amplify the knowledge on systems of integral support to the microenterprises in developing countries, to share experiences and good practices on the topic, and to establish working interdisciplinary that formulate feasible business proposals to later implement them in their respective countries. This course will be given in Spanish and prepared by specialists from the MCTC Israel. Besides plenary sessions and working groups, this program includes study trips and cultural and religious trips.

The aim of this course corresponds to the Resolution (RES/67/202) "Entrepreneurship for the Development", adopted in December 2012 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, and supported by Israel, where the Member States of the United Nations emphasized among other things, "…the need for improved regulatory environments and policy initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and foster small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as microenterprises, and stresses the positive role entrepreneurship plays in driving job creation and expanding opportunities for all, including for women and youth".

YABT, MASHAV and MCTC Israel invite you to participate in this course. The application process and there is a limited number of scholarships available. The applications must be submitted in the Diplomatic Mission of Israel of your country of residence. In order to complete the application, please fill the following available HERE and bring it along with the other required documents. It is recommended to contact first the Mission to confirm the deadline. Please bear in mind that depending on the country, the Israeli authorities may request additional documents.

Please find HERE the brochure with the complete information on the course's program.

For more information on this program and/or other workshops, please contact YABT through Edgar Maestre, edgar.maestre@yabt.net.

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