YABT and BanReservas, Youth empowerment alliance

Santo Domingo, 8 JUNE 2016 - Yesterday at the headquarters of BanReservaS, there was a signed agreement between the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and Banresevas, followed by a conference press as a prelude to the Finals of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas 2016 edition .

Luis Viguria the CEO of the young Americas Business Trust (YABT) said at the press conference that “YABT and BanReservas have signed the agreement to formalize the commitment and the interest we have to work together to encourage entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic with the creation of TIC Dominican Republic. We have further strengthened this commitment by deciding to work together in developing new programs, identifying new and additional resources for entrepreneurs and above all, opening new doors and markets for the country's youth ".

“TIC Americas has become over time the most important entrepreneurship platform in the region, and this cannot be achieved without the efforts of young people and the support from partners. We are proud to work with BanReservas as a strategic partner this year and we are sure that this is just the beginning of an important alliance towards the empowerment of young Dominicans" noted Viguria.

Under the CREE BanReservas, a Program of Banreservas, this partnership has the objective of empowering young Dominican entrepreneurs. CREE Banreservas is a program that joins and helps young entrepreneurs to develop their projects and provide technical, advisory and financial instruments for the implementation of Business ideas. CREE Banreservas involves youth in the entrepreneurship community of and connects with potential investors.

“It is a source of immense joy to receive in the Dominican Republic young talented leaders of the hemisphere, within the framework of the XI edition of the Talent and Innovation Competition of from the Americas (TIC Americas), promoted by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the Organization of American States (OAS), as a significant prelude to the 46th. General Assembly of the OAS. BanReservas, by supporting this valuable initiative, reaffirms its commitment to the Dominican entrepreneurs for being proponents on development, putting their talents and creativity to generate innovative ideas capable of transforming the world, and promoting the wealth and social welfare“, said Enrique Ramirez, General Manager of BanReservas.

In light of the 46th General Assembly of the OAS in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, YABT established an alliance with BanReservas with the goal of create a national category in TIC Americas, called  "TIC Dominican Republic."

The winner will be awarded US$ 4,000 dollars in seed capital, mentoring, and access to international visibility. To learn more of Competition and Finals, visit www.ticameticas.net.

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